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If Your Site Isn’t SEO-Friendly, It Isn't Customer-Friendly

Over 80% of all web users go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find what they are looking for and most won’t look past the first three pages. So what does this mean for your website if you aren't on the first three pages of search results? You may be losing a big portion of potential clientele.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that improves a website’s quality of traffic organically through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But what is the point of ranking on top and getting traffic if you lose your visitors within the first 2 minutes?

At IMP, we’re all about Search Experience Optimization rather than Search Engine Optimization. Good SEO is no longer only about how a website ranks but what people find when they get there. We’ll focus on the content you’re offering and build you a truly optimized site that’s user friendly, structured and designed for your visitors to want to stick around and keep navigating, until they eventually contact your business.

Site Audit

Site Audit

We will run a full scale sweep of your site to identify any technical issues, while designing the most efficient SEO strategy to have it rank high and give visitors the best navigation experience.

We’ll analyze your website content, structure, title tags, descriptions, keywords, linking structure and more. We’ll also help you identify other industry related sites that may be useful linking to. By performing a thorough analysis of your website’s health and user experience, we’ll monitor it monthly, keeping you posted on all necessary changes.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Determining the proper keywords to target for your website is key to ensure customers looking for the products and services find you first.

IMP’s team begins with conducting marketing research and identifying the most appropriate keywords for your business. Utilizing Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter, and even Facebook, we then work with you to carefully create a strategy of content and placement that is consistent with your message.

We put together a list of high traffic keywords that will rank best for the type of products and services you’re offering and compare with the ones your competitors are using. You’ll also receive extensive reports of your carefully monitored accounts so you can make well-informed decisions on your future course of action.

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Competitor Research

Competitor Research

We all know a smart business is always aware of what the market is up to. At IMP, we keep an eye on your competitor’s rankings and how they are doing in comparison to yours, so you’re never caught by surprise. We perform a full scale Competitor Analysis by selecting at least 3 competitor sites and benchmarking their best practices, identifying any good keywords, structure and content that you might be missing. We’ll also keep a close week to week look on whether the competition is moving up, getting closer to you, or if you are falling closer to it, and we make sure you don’t slip. Our specialists will send you reports periodically on the data we’ve collected, along with recommendations, so you’re always one step ahead.

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Site Health

Site Health

Our experts will monitor your site’s health and send you monthly reports on any current issues, outlining exactly what needs to be done to fix them. The IMP Audit team will address technical issues like:  Are there any broken links?  Are there problems on each page? Are links pointing to the right internal pages?  Is your site optimized for any mobile device (is it responsive)?  Do you have a site map (so search engines can look through your site and structure easily?)  Is it fast or slow?  Do we need to put redirects on pages that don’t exist anymore? These and other key aspects will be periodically reviewed by our team of specialists, as they make sure your site is fully optimized and functioning on a daily basis.

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Content Development

Content Development

Our main goal by creating content for your site is to add value to your visitors, while generating consistent high quality traffic and customer interaction.

Our content creation process involves: brainstorming, researching and writing blog posts, script writing, producing and filming videos, making infographics, pictures and any other creative digital material related to your industry that will add value to your audience. We’ll play off your visitors’ interests, offering new content periodically and keeping them engaged, wanting to come back for more.

Ranking Reports

Ranking Reports

You’ll receive monthly reports that provide a clear insight of your website's progress on Google and other search engines. We will make sure your market finds you, whether they’re searching for your products and services by typing a few words (short tail keywords) or speaking full sentences on their phones (long tail keywords). In order to guide you through the ranking process and keep you posted, our monthly reports will monitor your progress and give you a heads up on what needs to be done. We’ll let you know if you moved up or down in comparison to previous months and, most importantly, why. We also report on which keywords were mostly searched for and what we’ll do to keep you ranking on top or get you back on track. With our SEO ranking reports you’ll always know exactly where you stand and what we’re working on.

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Link Building

By only getting links on websites that are relevant to your industry, we assure there’s enough interest for the readers to click and be directed to your site, attracting new potential leads. Our technical team understands how algorithms have changed over the years and how they impact your link building process, as well as the importance of writing good, useful content to generate relevant linking to your page. That’s why we’ll be happy to create rich content for your site, such as infographics, videos, photos, articles and more. In the outreach phase, we’ll get in touch with various sites’ webmasters and request to share your new content, demonstrating how their audience will benefit from linking to your website. Once we have the right sites linking to your page, it’s only a matter of time ‘till you start getting qualified leads and converting them to customers.

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