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4 reasons why you need a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is everywhere. Street signs, store fronts, the Tim Horton’s coffee you get every morning are all examples of graphic design. Are you aware of how much design influences your life?

Marketers have discovered the importance of graphic design and its effectiveness when connecting with a target audience. Just think about the online advertisements and visual marketing you saw today: What caught your eye? Which do you remember? Effective graphic design can help you connect with your customers through layouts, imagery, text and even colour! Here are four reasons why having a graphic designer can help your business:
1. Google Images are overrated.

Nothing is worse than seeing an overused image. Everyone knows how to Google image searchto find an image they need. But using an overused stock photo may not send the right message to your consumers. Having a unique visual is important in developing your brand identity and standing out from the competition.

2.  JPG, PNG, PDF or EPS?

Whether it is for print or web, file formats are important. From creating brochures and business cards to website graphics – you need to know what type of files you need. A graphic designer can properly size visuals and knows which file format works best.

3.  Outdated Web Design.

Tired of seeing websites that look like they from the 90s? A graphic designer can revamp your business' website and showcase what you have to offer. You can have a fresh website that is not only functional but is visually appealing to your online audience.

4. Layout is all over the place.

Layout plays an important role in organizing information. Clean layouts help online users find the information they are looking for easily. When you have a layout that’s cluttered, distracting or not functional, it can hurt website traffic, click rates and more.

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