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5 Keyword Tips for Quality Content

There’s one thing that can trump content in the online world and that’s quality content. Google’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated all the time; it takes into account hundreds of factors when crawling your website. Incorporating keywords in your website copy can raise its level of quality and improve SEO rankings if done properly. So what should you keep in mind when it comes to keywords?



#1: Too many keywords can hurt you: When adding keywords into your content, be sure not to overdo it. If there’s too many, Google will notice (and not in a good way). Think of adding keywords like adding seasoning to a meal: you want enough to add flavour but not too much that it gets overpowering. Give the content a read-through a couple times and evaluate.

#2: Researching is worth it: What keywords have you decided to use? Spend the time researching keywords that people are searching with to find you. Also look at which potential keywords could make your website easier to find. One of the tools we use at IMP Canada looks at both of these points and also includes suggestions on other keywords that you can capitalize on that your competitors aren’t.

#3: Don’t forget local terms: Local search is going to be a major trend this year. According to Google, 20% of all Google searches and 40% of Google mobile searches have local intent. That means there are a lot of internet users looking for brands, products and services in and around where they live. By adding some local term search keywords in your online content, you can increase the chance of people in your community learning who you are as a business.

#4: Make sure your content makes sense: Keyword placement is almost as important as the keywords themselves. Adding them within your meta tags, headlines and articles can all affect your website’s SEO rankings and search ability. However, it still needs to make sense when you’re done. The content needs to flow. Having a keyword or phrase randomly wedged in a sentence where it doesn’t belong makes it awkward and difficult to read – both for the reader and for Google.

#5: Keep your content fresh:  If you keep targeting the same keywords forever, you’ll only going to get that same result. Remember to broaden your research every now and again, look at both short and long tail keywords and generate some new content. Give your online audience a reason to keep coming back to your website.

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