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5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Small Businesses

I always have a hard time believing that there are small businesses out there that still haven't joined the social media revolution. If you're a small business owner and you haven't hopped on the social media bandwagon yet, now is the time! Here's why...

1. Social Media Increases Website Traffic—For Free!
Social media posts are like free advertising. The more engaging your social media content is, the more your fans and followers will want to see it. Using your social media accounts strategically (like adding a website link to your post on occasion) can increase the amount of traffic to your company's website without any cost to you.

2. Social Media Helps Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness
Social media is all about getting information in real-time. When you have Facebook fans or Twitter followers, you can keep those people up-to-date on company news. Posting on social media sites regularly is a great way to let your fans and followers know about special deals and promotions. More importantly, it will also ensure that they don't forget about your brand.

3. Social Media Doubles as a Customer Service Tool
Building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers is something all businesses struggle with. Having a presence on social media sites enables businesses to directly reply to comments, complaints or questions posted by customers or potential customers. Taking the time to put together well-formed responses will definitely impress your followers, and maybe even attract a few more!

4. Social Media can be used as a Marketing Campaign Tool
If you're looking for a lucrative way to notify your customers about new offers and promotions, you will love the marketing opportunities social media has to offer. With features like sharing and retweeting, the potential for word of mouth advertising via social media is enormous. Easy to carry out and incredibly cost-effective (free unless you choose to pay for a promoted post), social media marketing campaigns are great for spreading the word.

5. Social Media Allows you to Connect with Other Businesses
Social media doesn't just allow small businesses to connect with customers; it also enables them to connect with other businesses. Building strong relationships with other businesses is important—you never know who you might collaborate with in the future. LinkedIn is an especially useful resource for business-to-business networking. It's the social media site for building relationships with thousands of reputable professionals.

Whether you're interested in advertising, communicating with customers or getting touch with other businesses, social media offers small businesses countless opportunities for success. If your small business doesn't have a social media presence yet, IMP Canada can help. So, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation today!

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