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LinkedIn gets with the times with LinkedIn Today

Someone once said to me that LinkedIn is like the “grandmother” of social media platforms. You feel obligated to check in every once and awhile and that’s about it. The visits are far and few between and they’re pretty quick.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has made some design changes that give it a new look and functionality. But the new feature that I’ve really fallen in love with is “LinkedIn Today”.

LinkedIn Today is like a smorgasbord of really good content. It’s a page filled with articles, studies, blog posts - and it’s tailored just for you! Choose what topics you’re interested in (Careers and Recruiting, Automotive, Online Media, etc.) and LinkedIn does the rest.

Here are three more cool things I love about this feature:

#1: The variety: The sheer variety of content amazes me. You can customize the content you see by following the topics that interest you most (there are 41 topics in total), plus you can also see what content is trending in your industry. LinkedIn Today changes daily so you get exposed to new information. It’s like an online newspaper where you want to read EVERY page.

#2: The option to save: Want to read all the articles on LinkedIn Today but have to work, feed the kids, run errands, etc.? There’s a handy save button that allows you to put it aside for later without losing it.

#3: The option to engage: You can like, comment and tweet any articles with a click of a button. Sharing gives others in your online community valuable information, especially the ones who aren’t on Linkedin.

So the next time you log into LinkedIn, check out LinkedIn Today. You might find yourself having a longer visit and liking it a whole lot more.

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