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Shelley’s Adventures on the Internet! (Part One)

With Facebook, Twitter and texting as the go-to forms of contact these days, people say we’re more out of touch with each other than ever before. Instead of a phone call, or taking the time to visit, we post on a friends Facebook wall, or we text “how r u” to our moms. In light of my adventures on the internet I respectfully disagree!

I think people ARE connecting on the internet, in unique ways! In genuine ways! The
other day I saw a movie with a friend and tweeted about something shocking and exciting that happened (that did NOT happen in the book!). Right away I got a tweet back from another friend, who had seen the movie, and shared my hysteria. We weren’t even in the same city, but at that moment we were excited over a mutual experience, as if we were there together.

The same thing happens when you share photos on Facebook. I don’t mean the selfies in the mirror we all hate, but the family get-togethers, the new engagement ring, the first steps of a baby – those are pieces of our lives people would not be privy to, if not for social media. And being a part of those moments makes you feel genuinely close to each other.

I recently discovered/started paying attention to Internet forums (I know, about time Shelley!) and WOW. I always thought it was kind of weird to have conversations with strangers on the internet, but something I saw on the popular aggregation site Reddit changed my mind.

A Reddit member posted a  comic, on behalf of a friend, about how he joking took a pregnancy test that turned out to be positive.  The“Redditor” received a slew of comments from absolute strangers, saying that it could actually be a sign of testicular cancer.

After all the comments the man went to the doctor, and it turns out the Reddit community was right! They caught the tumour early and maybe even saved his life.

I really believe that there are genuine interactions and connections online, if that’s what you’re looking for (face it, you can find anything on the internet). Instead of creating impersonal interaction or distance, the internet’s helping some people create intimate relationships, and fostering communities. I’m going to look for more interesting interactions and see what else I find...

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Shelley out.

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