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The Boundaries of Internet Adventures: Share vs Overshare

During my many internet adventures, I’ve discovered a common theme: people share a lot. Online sharing can be a good thing; it’s a way to communicate what is going on in your life. But how much is too much? Are we guilty of oversharing?

Here’s where I think the line should be when it comes to social sharing.




           Share                                                  Overshare

Your baby looking adorable in a photo you post Your baby on the potty in a photo you post
Posting a photo of yourself in your bathing suit Posting a photo of yourself in your underwear
Generic status updates and tweets about what
you’re up to
Emotional status updates and tweets with specific
details about your recent break up
Instagram photos of you on vacation Instagram photos of self portraits in the mirror
(a.k.a selfies)
Sharing secrets on postsecret.com Sharing secrets on Twitter and Facebook
Making the Facebook change from “In a
Relationship” to “Single”
Asking all of your Facebook friends to set you up
on a date
Party photos of people having fun Party photos where people are passed out or


Where do you draw the line with social sharing?

Shelley Out

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