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The Different Types of Facebook “Friends”

In life, you go through different phases; schools, jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends… The people you meet along the way come and go, or so they used to say. These days, some people never really “go” they linger on, lumped into a mix-and-match group of personalities known as your Facebook “friends”.

Some people you don’t see for years, but Facebook keeps telling you their daily activity. Others, you’re obligated to keep in touch with – thanks to Facebook. And then there are the friends you actually care about, the ones that keep you coming back to Facebook.

In my adventures I’ve discovered 3 types of Facebook Friends, and listed them here for your amusement.

Type 1 – The “Remember When” Friends

Remember in University, when you added everyone you ever met, shared a class with, or ran into at a party to Facebook? Then you added every one of those new friends’ boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates, siblings, or…worst of all… moms. Suddenly, here you are, all grown up now, and Michael ‘what’s-his-name’ keeps popping up in your mini-feed with daily status updates. And look, his sister Sally bought her cat another outfit – you’ve never even met Sally! “Remember When” friends are the product of Facebook’s early days – overactive friending.

Type 2 – The “Because you Gotta” Friends

These are the friends – usually family – who you have on your list because, well, you just have to. You wish them happy birthday every year, and you mean it, but you only knew it was their birthday because Facebook told you. These are friends who are slightly removed from your life, but you like knowing that they’re there. And you like thinking that they like knowing you’re there, too. The “Because you Gotta” Friends stay on your list because you just can’t hit that unfriend button. And because you want to show them that you still care, sort of.

This brings me to the final type;

Type 3 – The Real Friends

These are the people you added and that you still actively care about. The ones who you enjoy sharing stories with, whose links you trust, and photos you comment on. You have their numbers in your phone, and you would feel completely comfortable calling them. You see them face to face, and you’d help them move, or bake a cake. You know who your Real Friends are, beyond their profiles. And when you list them in a category, you don’t put quotations around it.

Do you have a Type 1 or Type 2 Friend? I would hope you have a few Type 3s! Leave a comment if you think there’s a Facebook Friend type that I’ve missed.

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