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Home Developer's Guide to Increasing Registrations with Facebook

Home Developer's Guide to Increasing Registrations with Facebook

For home developers, we know that your ability to convert leads into registrations is a top priority. But, we also know that accomplishing this easier said than done. Many home developers turn to paid methods of attracting potential registrants, such as PPC campaigns, physical advertising, and even creating websites used as an online sales and information resource. While these methods are no doubt effective, they aren't the most budget-friendly. They also focus mainly on attracting new leads instead of helping to advance existing leads through the registration process. So, what are some of the ways for home developers to attract new leads while also leveraging existing leads to convert into registrations? 

When used effectively, Facebook can help home developers build an online community where potential and existing leads can connect, access important informational resources, and get updates and announcements about new or upcoming builds. With that in mind, we've put together a comprehensive infographic to show how to increase registrations with Facebook. 

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