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The Top 5 Most Annoying Facebook Posts

Facebook is probably the most social of social networks. People share anything in a given day. Just in your circle of Facebook friends, there are hundreds of posts circulating on your News Feed. While you’re scrolling down your friends’ posts, have you ever seen one that has annoyed you? Something that either made you groan, roll your eyes or even click “hide post”?

My guess is the answer is yes. It’s a fine line between being social and socially obnoxious. So how do you keep your current friend count in good standing? Try not to do these top 5 annoying Facebook posts:

#1: Don’t ask to help tend your sheep or build your city. More than half of all Facebook users play games on Facebook (Cityville and Farmville being the top two). Unless most of your Facebook friends are avid gamers, posting numerous pleas to maintain imaginary crops, animals or cities won’t get them to play along.

#2: Don’t post the same content twice. Whether it’s two of the same photo, video, link, quote, etc. seeing double content in a newsfeed is confusing. People won’t know which one to comment on or like and will wonder why it’s appearing so many times on their newsfeed.

#3: Don’t vent too much. We all get angry sometimes. But venting your frustrations on Facebook could be harmful. All that negativity that you are unleashing could backfire and instead of you being angry with others, others will be angry with you.

#4: Don’t do the self-portrait. We’ve all seen the “snapshot in the mirror” pose. It’s been done so many times that it would make anyone look unflattering. Your friends should know that you enjoy other activities that don’t involve you looking at yourself in the mirror.

#5: Don’t get too sappy. For some people, Facebook has become the place where they can shout out their affections for their special someone. But posting too many mushy details about your relationship can make everyone else feel less in love with you...especially your single friends.

What other annoying Facebook posts have you seen on your Newsfeed? Comment below and share with us!

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