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To review or not to review...

That is the question.

Online reviews have been around for a while now and made popular by sites like TripAdvisor or Google. Not only have they have become a deciding factor in company credibility but are also a contributing factor in your local search.

Online reviews have come a long way since they first made an appearance a few years back. Google had tried hard to crack down on fake reviews over the past few years and are continuing to ban sites with suspicious behaviour.

To leave a review on a Google listing you must first have a Google account or GMAIL account.

If it is a new account, it may be a good idea to spend a few minutes to complete your profile. Google can flag the account if you leave one review and then never use it again. Also be sure not to review too many places all at once or on the same day, this could also been seen as suspicious in Google’s eyes.

So how does one go about getting more reviews for their listings in Google places?

Ask. It's simple; if you ask they will deliver. Ask your customers for a good review by email, in store, print or on your website. You can also make it easy for customers to leave a review by creating a page on your website for reviews and after the review is submitted, it directly links to your Google places page.

Offer. Giving customers an offer of some kind is a great incentive for leaving a review. You can even surprise them with a thank you gift and you never know, they could leave you another great review!

Respond. Always respond to the reviews on Google as the owner, this is key not only for your reputation but for your Google score. Be sure to include keywords in your response if possible, it helps with SEO rankings (yes reviews do play a part in your local SEO rankings!)

Resolve. Try to resolve serious issues fast and offline. Some review sites make it almost impossible to remove a bad review or even respond. Never delete a bad review if possible, instead offer a positive response to show the public you are working to resolve the situation.

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