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Viral Videos: A Contagious Idea

You've probably seen at least one video that's gone viral. A viral video sparks an interest of a mass majority of people. The more views a video gets the larger its exposure. So when you see the view count generate into the millions, that's a good indication that you've got a viral video in your hands. Here are two examples that have spawned great success.

#1: Walk off the Earth "Somebody I Used to Know" Cover Song

Last year, the Burlington, Ontario band Walk off the Earth made a video where they covered Gotye's song "Somebody that I Used to Know". What made this video interesting was that all five band members played the song using one guitar. Shortly after it was posted, Russell Crowe posted a tweet about it. Two days later, the video had over 4 million YouTube views. Since then Walk off the Earth has enjoyed a rush of popularity. They got signed by Columbia Records and many other musicians have imitated their "five people on one instrument" approach.

#2: smartwater's "Viral" Video

smartwater made a video featuring Jennifer Aniston, the brand's spokesperson. What made this video interesting was that it poked fun at a lot of viral videos that have come out in the past. It features everything from cute animals, dancing babies to the double rainbow. It was instantly a hit, generating over 7 million YouTube views in its first week.

For a company, having a viral video is a very good thing. It's an incredible amount of brand awareness. The trouble with it though is that no one can really predict what makes videos go viral. For some, it's a catchy song, for others, a funny joke. If you're interested in making a video that you hope to turn viral, take a look at any common denominators. Are there any similarities? See which elements you can add into your video. You never know, your brand's video could be the next one to catch on and go viral.

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