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What’s not to love about Pinterest?

I love Pinterest. I find myself able to spend hours a day “pinning” everything from fashion and
beauty to DIY crafts and projects. I love how Pinterest has a range of multiple categories to
choose from, I never know what I might come across. My Pinterest “boards” are customized to reflect my interests perfectly I can easily organize all my favorite “pins” and save them for later. It has become my “Dream Wish List” of products, ideas and items. I think this is what makes Pinterest so amazing! Users can easily identify themselves with all of their favorite things all in one place.

There are so many reasons why Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social media
sites out there. It’s already at 10.4 million users and growing! So why should your company
get “pinning”?

1: Pinterest is one of the most convenient ways for consumers find what they’re looking
for, but it can also help brands find consumers. Companies can display their inventory,
prices and direct links on where to purchase.

2: Companies can test out new products by uploading their new inventory and see
how many “pins, repins and likes” it gets. It’s valuable market research that can help
companies develop and market their products. There are also Pinterest tools out there
that can help track pins and other analytics to give you a better understanding of your
company’s Pinterest activity.

3: Get more traffic! Pinterest provides more referral traffic from users than that of
Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined! Amazing Right? Every pin you place on a
board can have a link going back to your website. This gives you the opportunity to have
more people visit your website and see what you have to offer them.

Pinterest is becoming one of the trendiest online outlets for brand research and awareness. I
know that when I find something on Pinterest that I really love, I automatically have to “pin” it! I might even be more inclined to buy it or try it out. Having the “pin button” on your website allows anyone to put your products directly onto their pin boards, providing you with more company exposure to a greater target audience. Pinterest has changed the way I interact with brands and products, whether it is on the computer or my mobile phone!

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