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Top Digital Marketing Questions That We Always Hear

With over 20 years of industry experience in digital marketing, we have answered a question or two about the services we offer. In fact, many of our team members can agree that some questions are asked more than others. To help shed some light on what we do and why we do it, our team has created a list of the top 20 frequently asked questions that we hear about digital marketing. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

IMP Digital Marketing Launches New Website for RxHealthMed

IMP Digital Marketing has launched a new website for RxHealthMed. RxHealthMed required a website that was easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and equipped with the latest tools and technology. Users need to be able to access the information that they seek quickly and efficiently, which requires a website built to handle the job. IMP Digital Marketing worked closely with RxHealthMed to ensure that the website met their every need.

IMP Digital Marketing Launches New Website for Clearpoint Health

IMP Digital Marketing has launched a new website for Clearpoint Health. IMP Digital Marketing worked closely with Clearpoint Health to ensure the development of a modern website that met all needs and standards. Clearpoint Health is a network of medical and surgical centres across Canada. The new website can assist users in learning about Clearpoint Health, the surgical centres across Canada and the available procedures. The website is user-friendly, responsive across all devices and SEO friendly.

The Importance of Having a Fully-Accessible Website

It’s more important than ever before to have a strong online presence. Your website can act as the foundation for your business online and an anchor for other digital marketing initiatives. From your social media platforms to Google My Business profile and more, your online presence heavily relies on your website. In order for your website to fulfill its purpose and serve all users effectively and equally, it’s imperative that it is fully accessible to all.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what having a fully-accessible website means, why it’s important and what you can do to ensure it’s compliant with all guidelines.

20 Digital Marketing Terms and What They Mean

Whether you work with a digital marketing agency, for an agency or are new to the world of digital marketing altogether, there may be some terms that are unclear to you. While it’s easy to get lost in the jargon of a specific industry, our experts at IMP Digital Marketing do their best to take the time to break down certain terms and other jargon that could be confusing to clients and other readers if they don’t understand what they mean.

In this article, we take a closer look at 20 digital marketing terms and break them down one by one to help you gain a better understanding of what they mean.

Pristine Homes Announces the Launch of Brand-New Website

Pristine Homes is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new, modern and functional website. Pristine Homes is a well-known and respected home building company located in Southern Ontario. With many housing developments located throughout Southern Ontario, a state-of-the-art website is essential to their long-term growth and success.

New Website Launched for Odyssey Performance Limited

ONTARIO, CANADA – IMP Digital Marketing has launched a brand-new website for Odyssey Performance Limited.

Equipped with the latest in website design, Burlington digital marketing agency, IMP Digital Marketing, has launched a brand-new website for Odyssey Performance Limited. Odyssey Performance Limited is the expert in everything equine, from products that improve their quality of life, to the perfect additions to just about any horse barn or farm, Odyssey Performance Limited has a wide selection of solutions for horse and barn owners alike.

How to Manage a Social Media Crisis Like a Professional

Is the fear of a social media crisis keeping you up at night?

The fear of an online crisis is one that most individuals and business owners have, and rightly so. Conflict on social media can garner negative attention if it isn’t dealt with appropriately. With the right social media crisis plan and prevention tactics in effect, you can sleep soundly knowing that you are prepared if a crisis were to happen.

In this article, we are going to walk you through prevention tactics for a social media crisis and how to act if one does happen.

The Importance of Visual Content for Home Builders

Home builders have a wide array of digital marketing techniques at their fingertips. From social media marketing and landing pages, to PPC campaigns, contests, and more, there are many strategies available that can help bring potential home buyers to a website and then convert them into a registrant. In this article, we’re going to focus on visual content and take a closer look at the importance it can have to the online success of a home builder or developer.

IMP Announces Launch of Redesigned Website for PharmaChoice

IMP Digital Marketing is delighted to announce the launch of the new website for PharmaChoice, Canada’s fastest-growing pharmacy.

PharmaChoice turned to the Burlington-based digital marketing agency for a new and improved website that allows its customers to better interact with and do business with the brand. The result is a fast-loading, fully-responsive website that is easily navigated and offers a new pharmacy locator tool, making it easier for users to find their nearest pharmacy.

Social Media Best Practices for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Are you on social media? If not, you’re missing out! Having a booming social media presence is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, including past and potential patients. But the question remains, once you get on social media: what should you do? In this article, we’re going to explore the do’s and don’ts for cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics when entering the world of social media and maintaining a successful presence.

Top 10 CTAs You Should Be Using

Do you want to improve conversions, attract new leads or boost sales in general? Here’s a little secret: you’re not the only one. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking for new ways to drive leads and boost sales – and rightfully so. A key element in the sales journey is the “call to action”, or CTA, which can be implemented into all forms of digital media. From website copy and blog posts, to landing pages, emails and more, let’s take a closer look at how adding a well-crafted and strategic CTA can help improve your conversion rates and which ones to use.

What You Need to Know About the Shut Down of Google+

Privacy protection is a hot topic in the digital world. Following the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and the introduction of the GDPR, people and businesses alike are concerned about the protection of their data online. And let’s face it, they have every reason to be! In the aftermath of a data leak that was caught in early 2018, Google has decided to shut down Google+. In this article, we’re going to dive a little deeper into why Google+ is shutting down, how it could affect your business, and how our experts at IMP Digital Marketing are handling the aftermath.


The Ellis Group is an elite product packaging designer and manufacturer in Southern Ontario, specifically throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Ellis Group is pleased to announce the launch of their brand-new, fully-responsive website. The Ellis Group worked closely with Burlington digital marketing agency, IMP Digital Marketing, to ensure that the website would help achieve core business initiatives and serve customers, while representing the brand image strategically and effectively.

Home Developer's Guide to Increasing Registrations with Facebook

For home developers, we know that your ability to convert leads into registrations is a top priority. But, we also know that accomplishing this easier said than done. Many home developers turn to paid methods of attracting potential registrants, such as PPC campaigns, physical advertising, and even creating websites used as an online sales and information resource. While these methods are no doubt effective, they aren't the most budget-friendly. They also focus mainly on attracting new leads instead of helping to advance existing leads through the registration process. So, what are some of the ways for home developers to attract new leads while also leveraging existing leads to convert into registrations? 

How Spotify Advertising Can Help Drive Hot Tub Sales

Want to connect with real people, in real time, in relevant moments to help drive your hot tub sales? If you’re a pool or spa dealer looking to experiment on a new advertising platform and target users based on their musical preferences and playlist type, then Spotify might be the way to go! 

The music streaming service, which has more than 140 million users, launched their self-serve advertising platform Spotify Ad Studio last fall and it’s quickly becoming the advertising platform for businesses both large and small.

What Cosmetic Surgery Clinics Need to Know About Remarketing

Building a successful online reputation for your cosmetic surgery clinic is no easy feat. We know and understand the struggles that a cosmetic surgery clinic may face while building their brand online and standing out in the industry. Especially when it comes to the jargon and terminology associated with online advertising and, let’s face it, digital marketing in general. That’s why our experts at IMP Digital Marketing are here to help. We want your clinic to succeed online, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive introduction to remarketing for cosmetic surgery clinics.

To find out how your cosmetic surgery clinic can benefit from a sound remarketing strategy, read on!

IMP Launches Website for Smartshape™ Weight Loss Centre

The goal was to create a fully-responsive, AODA-compliant website with a streamlined user experience. IMP worked closely with SmartShape™ to create a fresh and innovative website that is unique, aesthetically pleasing, and provides valuable educational information in a clear and concise manner.

GDPR: Everything You Need to Know and More

Many Canadians and Americans are asking the same question: is my information protected online?

The privacy and protection of personal information online is more of a hot topic than ever before. The European Union (EU) has recognized this issue by implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR not only affects the way online data and personal information is collected, stored, and used in the EU, but around the world as well.

In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at the GDPR, discover how it can affect your business, and see how you can become compliant.

PharmaChoice Chooses IMP as Their Digital Partner

IMP Digital Marketing and PharmaChoice have officially announced a new partnership. PharmaChoice has chosen IMP as their partner for all their digital needs. IMP will develop a new digital strategy for PharmaChoice, which will benefit both consumers and members alike. PharmaChoice will also be presented with a new social strategy to engage with consumers, bringing awareness of the 780+ locations. IMP will also strive to improve search engine results for local search terms across Canada.


Innomotive Solutions Group (ISG), which provides specialty doors, lights and lifts to the commercial and emergency vehicle industry, is proud to announce the launch of its modern and fully-responsive website. Equipped with the latest in SEO and improved web design, ISG worked closely with Burlington digital marketing agency, IMP Digital Marketing to create a clean and uncluttered site that offers visitors a richer insight into the company’s products and service offering.

IMP Digital Marketing Launches Brand-New Website for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario

The new site was built with the customer in mind, providing an easy to use platform that would simplify the process of looking for a quality hot tub at the right affordable price. Visitors to the website can now see all the products that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario has to offer in the shortest time possible. Potential customers can search for products by price, size, features, and collection.

IMP Digital Marketing Launches New Website For Concept Storage

Ontario, Canada: IMP Digital Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency, has launched an all-new website for Concept Storage, a warehouse storage solutions provider based in Vaughan, Ontario. This advanced website promises to revolutionize the way that Concept Storage showcases their products and services in the digital world. 


Van Dorn Pools and Spas is a hot tub, pool, and swim spa dealership with multiple locations throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. IMP Digital Marketing designed and developed an entirely new website that is geared towards lead generation and an overall pleasing user experience. Users can easily-navigate throughout the website to find specific information, regarding topics from sales and dealership locations, to lifestyle advice and trending news. 


Euphoria Lifestyle is a hot tub, swim spa, and sauna dealership, located in West Sussex, UK. IMP Digital Marketing designed and developed a website that effectively met all of their needs and requirements. The website showcases products for sale, informs consumers about the company, and offers lifestyle advice and suggestions in an aesthetically pleasing format. The website successfully connects the company with potential and existing consumers.


G.L. Smith is a retail store design company, in Toronto, Ontario. Interactive Media Productions (IMP) Digital Marketing agency provided them with a complete design and launch of their brand-new website. The website is fully-equipped with the latest technology, and utilizes modern digital marketing strategies for an improved overall performance.


Astron Packaging is a packaging company located in Mississauga, Ontario. IMP designed, created and launched a complete website for Astron Packaging. The website successfully showcases all the services available and correctly represents their brand image. 


IMP worked closely with Heartwood Renovations, to complete and execute a comprehensive plan for their new website. Heartwood Renovations was provided with a website that showcased their services, portfolio, and company information, in an aesthetically pleasing way. The website design is clean and user-friendly, while the website itself is optimized, to be found on modern search engines.


HHD Imports Inc. is a dynamic alcohol beverage imports company located in Waterloo, Ontario. IMP provided HHD Imports with a website that is fresh and contemporary. The white and green colour scheme combined with high-quality photography gives the website layout a clean and fresh aesthetic. The modern style is inviting and effectively delivers a positive representation of the brand image.


IMP designed and developed the DB Custom Homes website to promote their services, showcase their portfolio and allow easy communication with future clients. The DB Custom Homes website is responsive and geared toward lead generation. IMP utilizes various techniques to ensure that their client’s websites rank higher online and effectively promote their services to the right people.


Companies like I/OVision have an assortment of services and information to relay to their client base. An assortment of aesthetically pleasing elements and an easy to navigate menu makes it simple for visitors to view different parts of the website that are both balanced and informative. All websites designed and developed by IMP are responsive and are geared toward lead generation.

How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

The Internet is a huge part of our lives and it’s about time that we embrace it. Social media has a lot to offer, especially for you and your brand. Regardless if you are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat for personal use or for your brand, it isn’t much fun if you don’t have an active audience. By using certain techniques you can boost your social media engagement.

IMP Launches New Website for Hemling

Hemling is a shopfitting and interior design company located in Ahaus, Germany. IMP included many online galleries and catalogues to feature the design work that they do. By using these features, potential clients are able to easily see Hemling’s design style and techniques. The sleek and modern atmosphere that Hemling provides in their designs is well conveyed through the clean and professional web design.

IMP Launches New Website for Martin & Hillyer Associates

The new website design makes it very easy to find and access information about Martin & Hillyer Associates and the help they provide. Martin & Hillyer Associates have numerous lawyers and offer support in a vast amount of practice areas. IMP was able to make these options visible while at the same time keeping the layout clean and aesthetically appealing.

IMP Launches New Website for Freedom Staffing Group

The new website layout is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. It offers important information about the company, how to utilize and gain access to their services, current job postings, testimonials and a helpful blog section. The new website design is sleek, clean and informative.


Burlington, Canada – Interactive Media Productions (IMP), a multi-service digital marketing agency with pay per click, web design, social media management, and search engine optimization capabilities, this week announced the opening of their new office location at 1100 Walkers Line #303 in Burlington. The new office space was designed by Small Town Style along with IMP’s owner Philipp Beckermann for an unmistakable modern feel.

Happy to Welcome HootSuite to the IMP Team!

The IMP Social Department is running amok with excitement today.

What’s the reason behind the buzz? We’ve recently partnered with social media giant HootSuite, a highly-reputable tool used to keep multiple social media channels organized within one centralized dashboard.

Instagram Ads Officially Launch in Canada

If you received this message on Instagram this morning, you're not alone. Ads on the popular social network are coming to Canada, for better or for worse, and the Facebook photo sharing app is spreading the word on its platform.

The new advertisements will target users based on accounts they follow, photos and videos they like, interests and other "basic info" gathered from Facebook profiles.

Work. Life. Balance?

You don’t wait until your car breaks down on the side of the road to fill a leaky tire, do you? So why do so many of us CHOOSE to neglect our bodies and basic necessities when under the grind in our daily (albeit BUSY) lives! Bottom line: preventative maintenance can make all the difference in the world when it comes to tackling the challenge of the work-life balance and determining just how successful –and happy - you can be.

3 Reasons You Should Ignore Those “Your Website is Not Performing Well in Search” Emails

Ever see something like this in your inbox?

"We noticed your website is not ranking very highly on Google Search results. Because of this, you are not receiving enough traffic, which could be costing you customers who are choosing your competitors instead.

Here are some problems with your website that are preventing it from ranking well and that we can help you fix..."

Google My Business: A Guide to the Latest Change in Local Search

When I was a kid, I had a regular schedule of television programming that I would follow (remember the days when we were slaves to that concept?), and I always looked forward to knowing that when I got home from school or woke up on the weekends, a new episode of Pokémon or whatever my obsession at the time was would be ready for me to watch.

Recovering From Google Algorithm Penalties

Google, in the last few years, updated its search algorithm several times to fight web spam more effectively. One of the recent and most important of these updates is Hummingbird. Hummingbird ensures that long-tail search queries, which are also known as "conversational search," return more relevant results. Previous algorithm updates by Google include Panda and Penguin, which were also significant. Find out in this article how you can recover from a penalty caused by a Google algorithm update, especially Penguin.

IMP Digital Marketing Attends PubCon

This year, Phil and Zak from the IMP Digital team hopped on a plane and headed off to Las Vegas to expand their horizons at PubCon 2013. PubCon is a week-long conference that covers the latest trends in social media, SEO, website design and online branding. They got to listen to over 200 of the world's best speakers in more than 150 stimulating classes.

How to Build your Brand with Social Media

Brand perception is the most valuable aspect of your core business. Sales, referrals, company growth and popularity are all affected by the way people view your brand. When you hear the brand name "Volvo", do you think of safety? Or when you hear the brand name "Walmart" do you think of value? It is difficult to change a brand's positioning that is in one's mind. That's why it is so important to maintain a brand's good image or change a poor one for the better.


Old Technology We Don’t Miss

As mentioned in my previous blog post, technology is rapidly increasing and producing more innovative products to make the world a better place. In the prior blog, I took you on a trip down memory lane to visit some old technology that we miss. This time, let's take a look at some of the ones we don't miss at all.


Old Technologies We Sometimes Miss

Technology is progressing every day. There is always new, cutting-edge devices coming out into the market. We now have smaller cellphones, sharper TVs, and tablets that allow you to do multiple tasks right in the palm of your hand. Even though these technological innovations are getting more enhanced, we had some pretty cool technology back in the good old days. Let's take a minute and reflect on some of the wonderful older technologies that we sometimes miss.

Successful SEO Part 3: Links

Search engines use links to analyze the popularity of a site based on the number of websites that link to them. Search engines can also use links to gauge trustworthiness and authority, as well as determine whether or not your website should be considered "spam." So, how can you make sure that your site is considered reputable by search engines? Keep reading to find out...

Successful SEO Part 2: Social Media

As you might already know from my previous blog post, content is a huge part of search engine optimization. But content is just one piece of the SEO puzzle—a successful SEO strategy involves many elements.

For part two of my 'Successful SEO' blog series, I'll be discussing social media and how you can use it to improve your SEO rankings. Here's what you need to know...

Successful SEO Part 1: Content

Search engine optimization is a tough nut to crack. There's so much to consider when managing SEO, including keywords, quality content, titles, HTML structure, and URLs—and that's just the tip of the iceberg! SEO can be confusing, and that's why I've decided to write a three-part series of blog posts dedicated solely to SEO.

4 Types of Facebook Content your Business should be Posting

One mistake I've seen many businesses make on Facebook is posting content that is solely about their products or services. Now, don't get me wrong—it's important to talk about those things, but if someone likes your Facebook page already, they most likely already like what you're selling too. What I'm saying is that there are other types of content that you can be sharing with your audience.

Why I Hate Comic Sans

Comic Sans. The famous typeface with the power to make any graphic designer cringe. Why you ask? Here are my top three reasons:

My Internship experience at IMP Canada.

Hello, allow me to formally introduce myself as part as the IMP staff. That's right, the intern got hired. HIGH FIVE! My name is Jen and I am a Jr. Content Writer at IMP Canada; I am now part of the highly talented staff here.

4 Facebook Contest Tips

Conducting a Facebook contest is a great way to get your company name out there, and give back to some of your brand loyal consumers. Here are four simple tips to implement for a dynamic Facebook contest:

Managing Your Online Reputation:

Consumers have the ability to blog, review, and leave valuable opinions online regarding your product and/or service. Each and every review and/or customer experience may be found on the internet with a few clicks – directly advertising your business, name, and product/service. This type of exposure is invaluable and in many cases it's free!

Spotlight on Instagram Video

In late June, Instagram (which was acquired by Facebook for a cool $1 billion last year) announced an exciting new feature: video. An obvious response to Twitter’s video-sharing app, Vine, Instagram’s new video feature has tons of potential for brands and businesses.

#Finally, hashtags come to Facebook

Haters may be mentally clicking “unlike” when they see hashtags on Facebook, but I couldn’t be happier now that they are officially integrated! In the past, hashtags had no real purpose on Facebook – they weren’t clickable or popular. In fact, many users felt they were the killjoy of statuses, photos and videos. But now it looks like Facebook is hoping to change that.



How the IMP-ternship Benefits Students

Recently internships have become quite the hot topic in the media. Starting first with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson staring in the movie "The Internship" Then second, when Judge William H. Pauley III ruled that internships are an easy way for business to exploit students and gain free labour. Speaking as an intern who is currently in the middle of completing her second unpaid internship, here is my perspective on the subject:

Which font should you choose?

"Two fonts walk into a bar, the bartender says 'we don't serve your type here'. So they called the serif."

When designing a website, newsletter, business card or any other type of graphic visual, font choices should be put into consideration. Choosing the correct font can provide a strong visual and convey the message.

Embracing the Internet & Technology Revolution

The 21st century started with the burst of what was known as the "dot-com bubble". At that time, mass reports said computers had ruined businesses and industries built through decades of hard work. Little did they know 13 years later we would be living in a world that could no longer function without the use of technology!

The Upside of Social Media in the Workplace

Social media gets a lot of flak for hindering productivity in the workplace—and with good reason. Time spent on social media is, simply put, time spent not working. But here's the thing: social media pervades almost every aspect of our lives. If you ban staff members from using social media at work, you could end up with some seriously resentful employees on your hands.

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About YouTube

Everyone and their grandmother has heard of YouTube. However, there may be a few people out there who have been living under a rock for the past couple years. If this sounds like you, prepare to have your mind blown with these four facts about YouTube.

5 Career-Threatening Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making

By now, you should know that social media can have a huge impact on your professional life. You've probably heard more than a few horror stories about people whose careers have gone down the drain because of a social media indiscretion. Here's a list of some potentially job-threatening social media mistakes you should be avoiding...

Is Twitter Killing Newsprint?

Within the first 15 minutes of waking up, 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their phone. 16% of Twitter users say this is how they get their morning news. With social networking rapidly becoming a more popular medium than print, newspaper companies have good reasons to be worried.

5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Small Businesses

I always have a hard time believing that there are small businesses out there that still haven't joined the social media revolution. If you're a small business owner and you haven't hopped on the social media bandwagon yet, now is the time! Here's why...

Viral Videos: A Contagious Idea

For a company, having a viral video is a very good thing. It's an incredible amount of brand awareness. The trouble with it though is that no one can really predict what makes videos go viral. For some, it's a catchy song, for others, a funny joke. 

Social Media Etiquette for Recent Grads

Social networking can be a powerful tool in your job search. Think of yourself as a product. The social networking sites are your advertisements and employers are potential buyers. Your job is to convince employers that they should hire you.

What I’ve learned so far as an Intern

Hello everyone.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering who I am, and what I’m doing lurking around. I’m Eric Fowler and I’m the new intern here at IMP Canada. If you’re a student who’s looking for an internship, you’ll be interested to know just what the interns get to do here! Here’s what I’ve learned already in my first week so far:

Social media: How much do you monitor?

Social monitoring is like babysitting. Your business is like your baby. It’s one of the most important things in your life and needs to be watched for carefully. As a community manager, I treat it in much the same way. It’s my responsibility to keep an eye on a company’s social media presence so that it can grow. So why is monitoring high on my priority list?

LinkedIn gets with the times with LinkedIn Today

Someone once said to me that LinkedIn is like the “grandmother” of social media platforms. You feel obligated to check in every once and awhile and that’s about it. The visits are far and few between and they’re pretty quick.

The Advancement of Web Design & Development

The advancement of the web has been so dramatic that even educational institutions are struggling to keep up. Colleges and universities not only have to adjust the curriculum to reflect the interests of students but also have to ensure they keep up with the web trends that are always changing.

Facebook is getting a new Newsfeed

Get ready for another Facebook change, the newly re-designed Facebook Newsfeed is coming. In case you missed the live media event yesterday, here are some of the changes that will be happening: 

Online marketing tips for spa dealers

It's no surprise that marketing has dramatically changed over the years and that consumers are turning to the Internet to do their research prior to visiting a hot tub showroom. As a local spa dealer, how do you stand out from competitors in your region?

Tools for the Modern Car Dealer

Are you a new or used car manager wondering where to even start when it comes to online? With so many service and areas to spend your money, here are some great FREE tools to help enhance your online presence.

How big can this web get?

A spider creates thousands of webs in its lifetime in order to survive. When it comes to the web we use in our day-to-day lives, could we survive without it?

Worth more than a thousand words

It’s been a while since the internet nearly bashed the life out of Instagram. I miss it. Let’s get back to it, shall we? Kidding. I don’t care much about their terms, or about the debacle which they caused merely by updating them a bit carelessly. I didn’t delete my account, and I don’t plan on doing so. But many folks did delete their accounts. Usage dropped dramatically and is still way down from its peak.

Personality vs. Career Choices

According to John L. Holland, there are six different personality and workplace types. After reading through them I have found that interning at IMP can be a great fit for all six personality types!

To review or not to review...

Online reviews have been around for a while now and made popular by sites like TripAdvisor or Google. Not only have they have become a deciding factor in company credibility but are also a contributing factor in your local search.

How does your age relate to digital technology?

According to Forbes, professionals in their 20s dream of starting up the next big social media platform. People in their 30s are looking to invest in other social media platforms. What happens when you’re in your 40s or 50s?

Three weeks in and still alive…

I have now been an intern at IMP Canada for approximately 22 days and loving every minute of it. But truthfully, starting out I was a little hesitant about the whole internship experience

Social Media in 2012

2012 was a big year for social media. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have become more socially acceptable this year, with users of all ages signing up and actively participating.

Is age a factor when utilizing social media?

Social media through digital technology can be fun, interactive and exciting. However, it can also be daunting, overwhelming and confusing. The question is; is age a factor when determining how you feel about social media?

Importance of a great internship…

According to, “Internships may be the easiest way to a job in 2013,” which is why landing an intern position here at IMP Canada has given me a major advantage over other current students and recent grads!

Agency or In-House: Which is better to handle your social media?

This is a very important question. And one that businesses should ask when considering implementing social media into their marketing mix. Appointing someone to help manage your social media presence is critical whether that is yourself, a member of your team or someone at an outsourced company.

The Top 5 Most Annoying Facebook Posts

While you’re scrolling down your friends’ posts, have you ever seen one that has annoyed you? Something that either made you groan, roll your eyes or even click “hide post”...

What’s not to love about Pinterest?

I love Pinterest. I find myself able to spend hours a day “pinning” everything from fashion and beauty to DIY crafts and projects. I love how Pinterest has a range of multiple categories to choose from, I never know what I might come across.

PubCon 2012 with IMP Team

When you hear "Las Vegas" you might think of slot machines, the Rat Pack or "Sin City", but for the team at IMP Canada it means PubCon.

Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips

We’ve all been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately, so you’re probably wondering whether you should take the plunge and create a profile for your company. We say you go for it, especially if women are your target consumers — 70% of pinners are female. Pinterest has a highly engaged audience — a reported 3.3 million users logging more than 421 million pageviews — so there’s plenty of opportunity for brands to flesh out pinboards and catch pinners’ eyes.

3 Reasons Facebook Brand Pages Are Good for Businesses

Not everyone is cheering over the recent switch to Facebook Timeline for businesses. But the reality is, the new layout will present many great opportunities, particularly if companies properly use it to merchandise their products. So be afraid, if you must, but then check out the three reasons why Facebook’s new brand pages will benefit sellers and social commerce as a whole.

YouTube Redesign Calls for Video Search Engine Optimization Services

Last week, YouTube rolled out several important changes to their video broadcasting platform.  Amongst the most important are the enhancement made to “channels”.  This enhancement allows users to assemble a list of their favorite channels, almost creating a comparable model to a cable network.  As there are billions of videos on YouTube

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