Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns allow you to have an advertisement placed adjacent or above the natural results of a search engine query, thus bypassing the natural search results. Paying a small amount to have your advertisement highlighted at the top of the page can maximize the results of your campaign exponentially.

Landing Page Design

IMP can build a customized high converting landing page for your next campaign along with PPC, email marketing and social media ads to drive traffic to your business. This will ultimately maximize the amount of quality traffic you receive and spread the word about your products and services. Check out our gallery filled with past landing pages for some inspiration!

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Keyword Bidding

The keywords included in your advertisement will affect the way it appears. If a search engine user enters one of your keywords into a search query then your targeted advertisement will appear in their results as a sponsored link or ad. Before your PPC campaign begins you must decide on what you will bid on each of your targeted keywords. Your bid will help to determine how close to the top of the search engine results page your advertisement will appear. Other factors like the quality of the ad and the landing page it points to will also be taken into account.

Our talented digital marketing team manages your advertising bids based on your budget specifications so that you can return an optimal result on your investment.

Campaign Management

Along with your PPC campaign IMP offers a range of campaign management services including creation and management. After creating the PPC campaign specifically for your business and launching it, we will begin to manage it on a weekly basis. IMP stays on top of the campaign results by tracking the conversion rates and the number of generated leads. We meet with staff on a monthly basis to discuss how we can further enhance the campaign’s performance. We will also change the ad sets and variations by adjusting the images and copy according to what was most effective.

We don’t just create the campaign and leave it to advance on its own. We nourish it and stay on top of the results so that we can adjust it accordingly and ensure maximum efficiency. Our clients can relax knowing that their PPC campaign is being taken care of by a team of experts.

Google AdWords

Choosing the right keywords to bid on is essential to your campaign results and profitability level. Our experienced team will research and analyze which keywords your business should invest in based on industry best practices as well as their competitive level, budget required and potential to generate maximum leads.

Facebook Ads

IMP’s creative team of experts can design, launch and maintain an effective Facebook ad campaign for your business. Our expertise in social media marketing allows us to utilize Facebook’s latest tools to target and reach specific audiences for your services and products. We can amplify lead generation and conversion per dollar with effective Facebook ads. We will create ad set variations and test them on a weekly basis to ensure that your campaign is successful and profitable.


Twitter Ads

Our social media team specialize in creating compelling ads. So it’s no wonder why our Twitter ads are so effective and truly help to boost lead generation. Our extensive experience and working knowledge of Twitter objective-based campaigns allows us to create and manage each ad set according to your business goals.

By building the right audience for your products and services, we can drive several intended actions such as brand awareness, site traffic, new buyer registrations and more. We will also provide you with extensive reporting, monitoring and analysis; essentially optimizing your campaign for maximum results per dollar invested.

Remarketing Campaigns

Have you ever visited a website once, and then started seeing advertisements later on for that same company or product? That, is remarketing.

Remarketing is showing Ads to people who have previously visiting your site, blog or mobile App. The goal is to get them back to your page after they have shown an initial interest, which proves to be quite effective. Our remarketing service works to reconnect you with the right customers and at the best time possible. After they have visited your website they are added to an “audience list”. Afterwards, these potential customers will then see your ads as they continue to browse the web.

This process invites the potential customer to come back to your website where they will then request assistance or purchase your products. Our retargeting strategists will help you to create custom targets and choose who you’d like to show your ads to on a larger scale and make your site visible to them when they browse the Internet.

The best part? We can create high-performance remarketing campaigns with low cost per click (CPC) so that you can get more visitors coming to your website for less!

PPC Reports

We stay on top of your campaign’s performance and make sure you are too! We meet weekly to evaluate the progress of your PPC ads and generate ideas to enhance results. You will be kept well-informed with reports containing all of the relevant data you need to know. The intention is for you to be kept informed and prepared to make any necessary decisions. You will receive regular reports on how much you have spent, number of clicks, conversion rates, number of impressions, cost per click, click-through rates, website conversions value and more!

Our team at IMP can advise you at any point on which track to take to further increase your PPC performance and ultimately reach your campaign goals. Our consultants are available to schedule training for your staff or answer any questions you may have in regards to your online advertising strategy, guiding you on reaching outstanding results and utilizing the right tools depending on your objectives, budget and time availability.

With IMP, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

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