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Maximize your results online with modern and effective social media marketing tools. Optimizing the tools that social media platforms have to offer makes it easier for a larger audience to find your business and access the information they need - quickly. We specialize in Reputation Management, Customer Engagement, Lead Generation and Social Contests

Channel Management

Through social media management IMP generates valuable interactions to further enhance your brand image. We help to strengthen your online presence and enhance your relationship with your audience. Our team of social media experts will manage all of your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and more. We use several reliable management platforms like Hootsuite and Shortstack, depending on your digital marketing needs. We will update your social media networks with regular content that is relevant and engaging. Your social media posts will even be scheduled a month in advance to ensure maximum effectiveness and accuracy.

Our IMP social team will regularly monitor your online channels for comments, interactions, mentions and positive and negative reviews. Our team will respond to your interactions effectively and accordingly to further your brand image in a positive manner. We stay on top of current trends, new network plugins, tools and technologies to ensure your pages are always up-to-date. We take advantage of all available digital resources to build long-term relationships with clients, ultimately leading to recurring revenue.

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Reputation & Crisis Response

Great social media interaction begins with experienced professionals who are well equipped to handle eventual crisis or negative feedback. It is absolutely key that action is taken quickly, before it has a chance to affect your brand online. IMP will provide your company with a Crisis Management Manual and Communication Resource Guide that outlines a standardized strategy to manage unexpected events or situations with negative consequences or disruptions.

We develop your personalized Crisis Management Plan according to your business to ensure as positive a result as possible. The plan outlines your main point of contact and key messages to be sent to the public. The IMP social team will work with you and the Crisis Management Plan to resolve the problem accordingly. We put an emphasis on responding to any positive feedback as well, as this will enhance your brand image. We take pride in monitoring all of your reviews and ensuring that your interactions are efficiently handled. Your customers and followers will always feel heard and supported.

Content Development

You can enhance your online presence and create more interest in your brand online through content like posts, videos, photographs, updates, events, etc. We will strengthen your company awareness and establish an online presence by providing interesting content and monitoring social media platforms. Our vibrant social media team will develop creative content that will keep your audience highly engaged and add value to your brand. We will provide you with monthly reports to demonstrate your online interaction progress. This way you will be notified as to just how well your social media campaign is working for you.

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Social Advertising

Did you know Facebook users bought U$234 million worth of virtual goods and gifts over a quarter in 2014? Advertising on Social Media is an efficient way to get your products and services found by the right audience at the right time. Besides being able to target who will see your Ads, another great advantage to advertising on Social Media is the amount of control you have over the budget you want to spend. Our goal is to use Social Media to attract new leads for your products and services, then get them to contact your sales team with a single click. We direct these leads to your landing page or site, where they’ll provide their contact information and sign up to be reached by your staff. We’ll also monitor your ads’ progress and make recommendations based on their performance, boosting your Facebook posts with the highest level of interaction as well as those intended to promote your event or get you new leads, among other tactics.

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Contests and Event Marketing

One of the key strategies we use to attract new followers and leads is engaging social media contests. The team of social media experts at IMP love thinking outside the box and truly enjoy developing creative contest and promotion ideas for your channels. After creating and launching your contest we will monitor it, send you reports and keep you updated as per the winner(s) of the contest. We can also promote any posts of your choice, for example if you have a new product being launched or an event coming up. We can effectively run ads on your social channels to help you reach your marketing goals with our creative ideas and effective planning.

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IMP will maintain and manage your high-quality ad campaign and send you the reports so that you can track your progress. The reports will include how much you’ve spent, conversion cost, number of people we reached, number of impressions, unique actions and all relevant information to keep you on top of your results. All IMP campaigns are customized for the specific needs of your company and they are closely monitored to help you reach your goals and enhance your online presence.

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