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Responsive Web Design

IMP Digital Marketing has over six years of experience working with the Pharmaceutical Industry. We utilize the most advanced technology to showcase your company’s products and services complying with all industry regulations and privacy policies. Our team of talented designers will build you a website that is responsive to any device: adapting your website content to fit all screen sizes and function effectively on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Our innovative design will strengthen your online presence, enhance your organization’s respect and credibility and facilitate your online customer’s experience. Our web development professionals will make sure your content is properly displayed throughout your website and can be visualized from any device. Ultimately optimizing design, information accessibility and communication between your business and all of its stakeholders.

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Digital Assets

Since we understand the importance of privacy regulations within your industry, we stock all files utilized to produce your digital marketing in a private and secure folder. One of our main IMP values is to be transparent with our customers. We will provide you exclusive access to all folders containing your secure files, making it available to your organization’s use at any time without any cost nor withholding from our end.

At IMP, you’ll always have full access to all your digital media files, developed and designed exclusively for your business by our talented team of professionals.

Compliance Workflow

From years of experience working with the Pharmaceutical and Health Care industries, we understand the impact of current laws and regulations on your daily business operations. We’re familiar with privacy policy guidelines and will only produce content that is in line with all your current system terminology and regulatory compliance standards.

At IMP, you can rely on our expertise in the field and experience working with your industry. Rest assured knowing all our communication online about your products and services will be done in compliance with OIG and PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health care Professionals guidelines, among all other relevant Compliance Guidance Programs that apply to your products and services.

Our goal is to follow your compliance workflow and make sure our services add value to your target audience, as we deliver the very best digital marketing service to your business.

Brand Management

Our IMP digital marketing and branding experts will design an online strategy to enhance your brand and manage your reputation effectively. We will generate and enhance credibility for your organization and help you to reach your marketing objectives. All of our services are integrated to strengthen your brand and give you a unison voice of share in the online market. We’ll position your brand according to your business goals and build up your customer relationships, leading to result-driven interactions.

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Paid Search Campaigns

Why wait for a search engine to naturally include your store in their search results when you can pay to have your advertisement posted right away? That's how pay per click (PPC) campaigns work. They allow you to have an advertisement placed adjacent or above the natural results of a search engine query, bypassing natural search results.

The team at IMP will create the right PPC Ads to showcase your medical products and services on search engines, so when your next customer searches for them they will be directed right to your site. We can also help create integrated PPC and social media Ads for specific campaigns, such as a new medical procedure or a drug that was recently developed. With IMP’s SEO services, you’ll attract your target audience to your site and make sure they find your products and services before they visit anywhere else.

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Local Search Marketing

Do you need help being found by potential customers that are searching online for your products or health care services locally?

Our IMP SEO specialists will help you target the right keywords with the highest conversion rates for your medical products and services, display your ads on main search engines when your clients are searching to buy and target specific areas of reach and medical procedures according to your preferences. We’ll also help you to list on all major local health care listing sites while we manage your current reviews and promote the positive impressions from your current clients.

Our goal is to ultimately enhance your online reputation.

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Email Automation

Looking to launch an email marketing campaign to attract new leads or increase awareness for specific drugs and medical procedures? Our Team can help develop a creative and effective email marketing campaign for your products and services.

We work with well-known and reliable automation tools that simplify our email marketing work flow, applying specific integration tags in order to automatically send emails to your selected audience. Our system involves email notifications and follow up phone calls that are automatically integrated.

If your sales team member is unable to answer the call at the time the system will automatically leave a message on your company’s behalf saying you would like to follow up on a request. This saves resources and time that your pharma representatives could be spending trying to reach leads. Based on the tags we’ve set up through work flows, we will be able to report to you when and where the lead was created, conversion rates and any other relevant data to analyze your campaign’s ROI.

With IMP, you can rest assured that our digital marketing team has you covered.

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