October 2016

IMP wants to keep you in the loop regarding the latest online trends. This newsletter will not only keep you up to date with the online world but you will also get insight as to what is happening at the IMP office.

Why Mobile Design is Critical

Over the past few years, more people have turned to using mobile devices over desktop or laptop computers. It is important that we follow this technology and make sure that our websites are accessible throughout all mobile devices. As more people gain access to and ownership of mobile devices, more time is being spent using these devices to search the Internet. Some people may still prefer to learn more about a website on a desktop computer, but many initial searches are made on mobile devices or tablets due to the convenient mobility of these devices.

Having a responsive website that is easy to navigate and find what people are looking for within seconds is highly important. If a user does not find that they are looking for within a handful of seconds, they will likely move on to the next website in hopes to find it faster.

You should make it a priority to have your website be designed to work across as many devices as possible. The goal is not only to get people to click through to your website but also to stay on your website enough to catch their interest.

What is New on Social Media:


Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and wish you could zoom in on a post? Well now you can! Instagram has made an update and iPhone users will be the first to take advantage of this exciting new feature. All you need to do is pinch the screen to zoom in and get a closer look. Instagram now has a save a draft feature. Here’s the catch you can only save a draft if you have already edited the images. Once you have added a filter to the image you can hit the back arrow the “Save Draft” option will appear and you can post it later. #latergram


Twitter has also made some changes so that will positively impact its users. Images, videos, GIFS, quotes and retweets will no longer be counted in the 140 character limit.


Facebook users can now create a custom audience based on users that have previously seen their canvas ads. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Canvas ads, they are full-screen advertisements that were introduced to Facebook earlier this year. These ads are compiled of text, images and call to action buttons.

Introducing the Newest Members of IMP

Carly McGill
What started off as a summer position has blossomed into a permanent full-time role. IMP would like to welcome, Carly McGill. Carly’s creative writing skills are truly an asset to the IMP team. She spends her days in the IMP office writing original website copy, blog posts and press releases for our clients. Occasionally she even dabbles in some video editing.

Clarisse Kelcey
Clarisse became a part of the IMP team as the Office Coordinator on July 14th. When you call the office Clarisse is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. She takes great care of our staff and clients. If you have questions regarding accounts payable or invoices she is your go to gal.

Connor James
On September 15th the IMP team grew by one more. Connor joined the team as our Business Development Manager, his role includes assisting with sales and account management. He can be found visiting clients to discuss their business and online presence. If you have questions about our services, Connor can help provide you with additional solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Check Out Our Recent Website Launches:

Our team is very excited to share some of our most recent website launches.

I/O Vison - https://www.iovision.ca/
Kepler Communication - http://www.keplercommunications.com/
TNR Doors - http://www.tnrdoors.com/


#DidYouKnow: September 6 2016 marked 10 years of the Facebook Newsfeed.


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